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I'm not based in Nigeria, can I still join GS1 Nigeria?

Yes, when you join GS1 Nigeria, you will be provided with barcodes that can be used in Nigeria, as well as internationally. As we are a global standards organization, we ensure our GS1 barcodes work everywhere across the globe. This means that if you are selling in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America or South America, you’ll be pleased to know you can use GS1 Nigeria barcodes. Our barcodes will work anywhere.

Can I reuse barcode numbers?

You can’t, in any instance, re-use numbers. Each individual item should have their own unique number. Once a product is in the market it keeps its number, regardless of if the product is still available or not. So make sure to place the details on your numbers carefully, as once you create a barcode for a product, you can’t change it.

Can a product have more than one GTIN?

A product should only ever have one GTIN allocated to it, although a different GTIN may need to be allocated when the product or branding changes.

Can I buy GS1 numbers and sell them to others?

GTINs are licensed by GS1, they are never sold. The ownership of the numbers therefore remains with GS1 and the numbers issued to a member cannot be sold to another company. This ensures the ongoing integrity of the system, for the benefit of everyone.

How do I find out who owns a GTIN or barcode?

The GTIN is always shown beneath the product barcode. If there isn’t one, then you can use the product name to search for the GTIN online. If you find a GTIN then you can check if it’s valid via the Global Registry Platform using Verified by GS1. This will bring up the product information and company name if it’s a genuine GS1 number, as well as the country that issued the number.

What is the Difference between a regular Barcode and GS1 Barcode

You’re more than likely seen other websites offering barcodes (GTINs) at a cheap one-off rate. The problem with these barcodes, are:

  1. They’ve been previously owned by others and essentially their ‘DNA’ is still associated with these original purchasers of the barcodes
  2. Using them will ensure you will be limited to where you can sell your products with the likes of Shoprite, Amazon and major retailers not accepting them
  3. When you scan them other product information, other than your own will be shown 


The only way to ensure your barcodes are your own, and not pre-brought is to get them from GS1. The added benefits will be:

  1. You will be able to use them globally, not just in Nigeria
  2. You will be provided with a minimum of 5 barcode numbers with no maximum limit
  3. You will be able to manage your list of numbers in our login area
  4. You will have access to training, webinars and selected events
  5. You will have access to our community partners who will help with your business growth
  6. Free support online and over the phone with our support team

What is Verified by GS1?

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